The Times of Israel


April 2019 - Present

The Times of Israel has allowed me a superb platforms to share my message about the Jews in China. The engagement that comes after each posting is both encouraging and addicting - I have received emails from Chinese who have recently discovered their Jewish ancestry; Western Jews who found through DNA testing that they are related to Chinese royalties; rabbis who are learning Chinese and are looking for books on Judaism in Chinese language; and, some of my most respected academic scholars in the field seeking to work together - these emails make my day like nothing else!

I am also learning to write academic content in vernacular style to further expand readership.

Here are some of my blogging topics: Jews of Kaifeng: Introduction; Matteo Ricci & the “Discovery” of Kaifeng Jews; Shanghai Society for the Rescue of Chinese Jews; Chinese Words for “Jew”; Sassoon’s in Shanghai; Jews in Harbin; Shanghai Ghetto; Kaifeng Synagogue.