Nicholas Zhang



Book Signing

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Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre 

Research Assistance

April 2018 - Present

Under the direct guidance of the Centre’s Executive Director, Simon Li, I worked on the upcoming book, Upstander, by

  • Researching scapegoats in HK Police, ethical standard of HK Chief Executives, downfall of Park Geun-hye, and embezzlement in 1MDB fund

  • Comparing anti-corruption agencies in HK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia and US; analysing parameters critical to optimal performance

  • Examining the impact of corruption and the role of independent investigators


St Clare’s Union

Founder & President

September 2018 - Present

As a regular at the Oxford Union debate chamber, I am often mesmerised by the eloquence and elegance of the individuals on stage. With 80% of our student body coming from non-English speaking countries, I felt it was even more important that we have a platform to practice articulating our thoughts, precisely and coherently.

I, therefore, founded the British Parliamentary style debate society to develop our members’ critical thinking and public speaking skills, as well as to expand their global views and social conscientiousness. In addition to setting motions and hosting debates every week, I also conduct brain-storming, reading and strategising sessions for our team of 18. One of my most memorable debates was This House rather be pretty than witty.



Secretary General

September 2019 - Present

I am responsible for organising & presiding over 2 MUN conferences a year, including St Clare’s MUN Day where 250 students, divided into 6 Committees, engage in heated debates. The conference is held at the Oxford Town Hall.

I conduct weekly researching and coaching sessions, and mentor 3 junior team members.

I am honoured to have been awarded Best Delegate at both the St. Clare’s MUN Day (2018) & EF International Academy MUN Conference (2019).



Editor in Chief

September 2018 - Present

As part of the school’s magazine team, I lead discussion and make final decision about the theme for each publication, such as To the Memory of the 100th Anniversary of the War that should have been over by Christmas; contribute short and mid-length articles on current events, book reviews and pop culture; commission out 20 articles per quarter to team members; copy edit and fact check all submissions; collaborate with the Art Director and ensure everything is delivered to the printer on time.

More than anything else, working with this group of diverse and talented people showed me the importance of optimism and resourcefulness, and the incredible importance of empathetic leadership.


Debut Holocaust Memorial Evening @ St. Clare’s

Event Organiser

January 18th, 2019

I organised the very first St. Clare’s Annual Holocaust Memorial Evening to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz. Over 40 students attended the debut event which screened Schindler’s List after a discussion session on the atrocities of the Second World War and the recent revival of hate-inspired violence.

It is my strongest conviction that lessons from history must be well-learned and well-remembered for we as a humanity, cannot afford to make the same mistake twice. To be able to start a tradition where every year, St. Clare’s remembers, is one of my proudest moments.


The Times of Israel


April 2019 - Present

The Times of Israel has allowed me a superb platforms to share my message about the Jews in China. The engagement that comes after each posting is both encouraging and addicting - I have received emails from Chinese who have recently discovered their Jewish ancestry; Western Jews who found through DNA testing that they are related to Chinese royalties; rabbis who are learning Chinese and are looking for books on Judaism in Chinese language; and, some of my most respected academic scholars in the field seeking to work together - these emails make my day like nothing else!

I am also learning to write academic content in vernacular style to further expand readership.

Here are some of my blogging topics: Jews of Kaifeng: Introduction; Matteo Ricci & the “Discovery” of Kaifeng Jews; Shanghai Society for the Rescue of Chinese Jews; Chinese Words for “Jew”; Sassoon’s in Shanghai; Jews in Harbin; Shanghai Ghetto; Kaifeng Synagogue.


Lai-see for Cause

Fundraising Organiser

Chinese New Year, 2018 & 2019

Each Chinese New Year, there is a flurry of red envelopes giving to the young by the elders, filled with 压岁钱 which literally translates to “money that anchors the year”. For those of us who are lucky enough to receive these long waited red packets why not think of those in need and share our fortune? You know the old saying - what goes around comes around. Karma won’t forget this!

We raised $950 and $1,150 in 2018 and 2019 respectively. 100% of donation went to the Kaifeng Jewish History Memorial Center.


Pen in a Box

Stationary Drive Organiser

Together with my friend, Alexander Noel Baker, we joint-launched a stationary drive in UK, Greece and Hong Kong. The overwhelming donation was humbling. The pencils, pens, crayons, erasers, rulers, scissors, pencil cases, note pads and story books filled three large collection boxes. At the end of the 3-week collection period, we sorted everything into 156 stationary packs. Half went to the Syrian refugees in Greece via and half the Kaifeng Jews via


South China Morning Post

Writer, Reporter, Featured Student

April, 2018 - Present

For the Young Post, I am a contributing writer on anti-Semitism, a reporter covering current events, and I was interviewed and featured on the front page. Thank you, SCMP!


Tencent Education & EduKnow

Featured Student

July 16th, 2019

It is a tremendous honour to be selected by Tencent Education and EduKnow as one of the 100 overseas students featured in 2019.

The interview process was super fun and got me to reflect on my journey as a boarding school student.

The same article is also featured on,,,


St Clare’s Website

Featured Student

March 14th, 2019

I was featured on the St. Clare's website for global engagement in line with the school's ethos: to advance international education and understanding. The same night that the article went online, I celebrated with friends by making my signature PPP - pesto parmesan pasta!


100th Anniversary of the End of World War I


November 20th, 2018

After relentless cold calls and emails, I finally got the honour to interview Voirrey Carr, North Hinskey’s Chair of the Remembrance Committee for the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War.

North Hinskey is a tiny suburb near Oxford but has a large contingent of British Armed Forces which made the celebration even more meaningful. Local school children responded with poems and drawings relating to the theme of peace and reconciliation.

A day to forgive and a day for hope — my interview was published in the school magazine, Clarity.


Best Microwave Chef

June 2019

Voted by the student body as the Best Microwave Chef, I do humbly admit that I am a bit fanatic when it comes to my microwave pasta dishes.

I insist on using fusilli or go fancy with rigatoni (easy to plate, superb texture, great at absorbing sauce, and, can eat with a spoon in case you can’t find a fork), the best pesto sauce in a jar (by Jamie Oliver, of course), the precise amount of pasta water (an art, not a science) to warm up and thin out the pesto sauce, and my secret ingredient — home-grown basil (freshly clipped from my windowsill).

Pasta anyone? I bet you’ll ask for seconds!



Shooting Guard

September 2015 - Present

I train, practice and play as long-range shooter. I am a recreational player and a huge Rockets fan. I mentor 2 juniors on the team – looking after not only their games, but also their overall academic and emotional well-being. Basketball is my relaxation time, my stress-reduction time, and my fitness time. I have loved this sport for as long as I could remember.